My employees are driving me crazy!

I’ve met many frustrated business owners, managers and supervisors who have some incredible “worst employee ever” stories.

Some of my favorites:

  • The accountant who put her vacation on the company credit card.
  • The tale of the abandoned work van.
  • “I refuse to give up my right to facebook!”
  • The customer service rep who enjoyed asking customers, “Are you crazy?”

There are stories out there that are even worse, and unfortunately, most are true.  Each of these stories cost their company revenue, reputation, culture and in most cases, a mixture of all three.  Even if they were internal issues that never affected business, they cost the managers and owners time and frustration.

When it comes to employees, owners and managers have a love/hate relationship.  On the one hand, most business owners feel a responsibility and loyalty to their employees, especially the ones that have been with them from the beginning. They love the employees that work hard, every day and really become a part of the team, culture and success of the company.  Alternatively, some business owners miss the simple days before they had a lot of employees. Having a lot of employees can make it feel like you are now in the business of facilitating your employees and putting out the fires they routinely light.

Unfortunately, as a business owner, you are ultimately responsible for your employees and what they do.  Next Level Operations can work with you to create systems to improve your personnel and your personnel issues.  Setting up clear expectations, chains of command and agreements allows a company to move out the employee roadblocks that are sabotaging your organization. Instead of sifting through piles of resumes, hoping you find the one that isn’t just exaggeration, buzzwords and bravado, Next Level can put a hiring system in place for you that delivers only the top filtered candidates to be interviewed.  After hiring the right person, let’s make sure they stay on top with the right agreements, reviews and metrics.

When you’re ready to transform your workforce, we’re ready to help. Let’s get started.