February 5, 2015

How much?

What does business coaching cost: First time we meet, it costs you nothing. Let’s sit down and talk, figure out what you need and see if it’s a good fit. We come up with a proposal, you weigh the options and decide if it works for you and your budget. Ideally, what we do for you saves you heartache and money so it pays for itself.

It’s hard to be more specific than that, but we recently completed a one week project for a client that included accounting and training work for around $2000. Once completed, the changes we helped the client make decreased their expenses $1540 per month and gave him the tools to measure his job profitability accurately, which is something he had been trying to do since founding his company six years earlier.

Our motivation is to have you hire us every time you come up on an operations challenge.  We’re not going to earn your trust and business if we charge more than the value of what you receive.  We can get a lot more specific on the price after a free initial consultation.  Let’s get started!

Project cost examples:

Summary 1: Contractor has business coming out of his ears.  Gross Revenue grew from $4M to $6M in 2 years, however Net Profit was flat in 2012 and the company lost $100k in 2013. The owner is working 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm and can’t keep up the pace much longer.

Solution 1: Focusing on selling and keeping his clients happy, this business owner was not able to keep a good eye on his expenses and costs of doing business.  Without a strong accounting person in his office, costs skyrocketed and ate away at company profits.  Next Level Operations analyzed the company’s financial situation and worked with the owner to create systems that put checks and controls on spending.  Next Level put a hiring system in place that recruited a production manager and financial controller to the company. Expenses and construction costs were brought under control, the company reduced it’s gross revenue to $5.5M, but is seeing profit on target for positive $275k in 2014.  The owner now works 5 or 6 days a week and is home for dinner with his family at least 3x week (Sometimes the controller and staff have to team up on him to make him go home on time!).

Project 1 timeline: 8 weeks on-site and remote consulting/training/auditing. Cost to client: $12k including costs of hiring/misc. costs.

Summary 2: Professional Services Company is a start-up that has the capital, the talent and the right market to become a success.  What they don’t have is a plan or the experience getting a new company started and running.  Confusion over responsibilities between the partners leads to missing important deadlines, squandering funds and turning off potential clients.  In the first 6 months of operations, the company failed to exceed 25% of their revenue goals.

Solution 2: The only things missing from this team were strategy and clear accountability. Meeting with Next Level Operations for strategic consulting sessions every month, the clients have gotten a handle on their budget, time management and compliance headaches and are able to better focus on client acquisition and client projects.  A regular meeting rhythm between the partners has been established and has virtually eliminated the confusion on who was responsible for what.  Revenues are now at 70% of goal, and climbing

Project 2 timeline: Monthly 4 hour onsite strategic planning sessions + as needed consultations for 1 year.  Cost to client: $1625 per quarter