Why fix it if it’s not broken?

Marco is a salesman. He makes $60,000 a year. Marco has been working the same territory for almost 15 years and consistently brings in about $1M in gross revenue annually.  By the numbers, he’s a solid player, but never in the top 10 in his company.

Marco’s company is happy. Marco is happy. All good, right?

Well, maybe. Maybe Marco is the sales bottleneck.

gross salesWhat if Anthony could bring in $1.75M in the same territory? What if Jessica could bring in $2.5M? If this was your company, who would you want to run Marco’s territory? If it were mine, I’d take Jessica every time.

If we paid Jessica the same commission rate as Marco, she would be earning $150,000 annually. The company would be paying almost triple for Jessica vs. what it pays for Marco. However, gross revenues with Jessica would be $1.5M more and gross profits increase by $335,000 (assuming a 25% gross margin).  That’s ROI.

Sadly, Marco’s company won’t make a change. (Even if it’s just training and motivating Marco differently!) There are various reasons why, but most of them come down to inertia. The company is not losing money on Marco…and he’s a great guy who’s been there for 15 years. Nobody is going to go out of their way to make a change with Marco. Unfortunately, that’s just leaving money on the table.

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