June 23, 2017

Recruiting and Filtering

The right people in the right seats.

Having the right people on your team is critical. You can’t scale without them. Hiring wrong is expensive, holding onto terrible employees is expensive and you can’t do everything yourself. As a business owner, if you’re looking to scale up, improve your customer experience or focus on other things, you know how effective having a strong team behind you can be.

If you need a warm body, we are not the solution you’re looking for. If your company doesn’t believe in or practice its core values, we are not the solution for you. If you are looking for discriminatory hiring practices, we are definitely not your solution!

We filter out the knuckleheads, opportunists, job hoppers and liars.  We find the “A” players that have the skills, core values and company culture fit you need. We save you time. We find better candidates. Our recommended applicants are 2x more likely to be successful hires (defined as hires that last at least two years) than industry average.

Recruiting and Filtering Process

  • Initial consultation. Review job and applicant requirements. Understand company culture and core values. Create applicant avatar. Time frame and price estimate provided.
  • Recruiting/Filtering creation. Next Level creates job posting and filtering levels. Postings are stripped of client company name and info. All applicants handled by Next Level.
  • Filters 1-4. Next Level puts all applicants through progressively detailed filtering levels including written questionnaire, video questionnaire, phone interview, online research, reference check, testing, and others. (Not all filtering methods are used for every position)
  • Recommendation. A custom profile is written for every recommended candidate including strengths, weaknesses, culture/core value fit, skill set, management profile, compensation requirements and positions specific metrics. Full candidate contact details and documentation is provided.
  • In person interview: As needed, Next Level can be a part of your in-person interview team. Post interview debrief and follow ups provided.
  • As needed: Position contracts, offer letters and other basic HR documents provided. (Review by your attorney recommended, of course)

We charge by the hour + listing fees. We are not motivated to place someone quickly. We want to place a candidate that will succeed.