The Control Center

Banks of indicator lights twinkle while columns of numbers rumble past indicating that thousands of remote sensors are dutifully transmitting their telemetry. Top down, birds-eye view maps display the overall strategic situation. The latest intelligence reports are close at hand. Second by second updates flash on the main tactical display.

Overhead, a worrisome alarm klaxon comes to life, accompanied by flashing red warning lights. You react instantly, pressing a few buttons in sequence while murmuring hushed orders into a microphone. Not a heartbeat later, the alarm quiets while the red lights gradually relax to green. Crisis averted! Another victory for The Control Center.

Wouldn’t that be nice?  Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to run our companies as if we’re billionaire business magnates or Bond villains.

On the plus side, we CAN set up a system of reporting of metrics and KPIs that give us all the critical information we need for our business.

  • Profit & Loss reporting to aid strategic planning and measure overall company health.
  • Cash Flow forecasting to ensure the company can finance operations through periodic and seasonal downturns and investments.
  • Sales and Production reporting to oversee departmental efficiency and help cash forecasting.
  • Customer Satisfaction numbers in real time to measure the impact of service changes and to identify opportunities.
  • Employee and Department KPIs to measure the numbers that are critical to our specific business.

Metrics White BoardFrom large multi-national corporations to sole-proprietorships run out of garages, all business experience unexpected challenges and try to seize opportunities. Having some form of control center (system of regular measuring and evaluation of key metrics) allows the business leadership to make timely and informed decisions.

If you’re not sure what to measure, how to measure it, or what to do with the information once you have it, Next Level Operations can help. Let’s get started.