Does everybody need a boss?

Most CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners are the ultimate authority within their organizations. Why shouldn’t they be? It’s their drive, vision and hard work that created the organization. Further, no-one needs to motivate the business owner to work harder. What could be more Darwinian than the competition to create a successful business? If the business owner is lazy, the business will fail.


The question is: Does a business owner need a boss? The answer can be a little tricky and all depends on what you think “a boss” is supposed to do.

For some of us, the boss is the person who tells everyone else what to do. The boss does the hiring, the firing and decides who gets a raise.  For others, the boss is a coach and source of accountability.

The shift from “boss” to “coach” comes when dealing with the more professional employee and organization. The coach does not need to (except in the most extreme of circumstance) tell the employee what to do. The coach does, however, fill an important role. A good business coach holds people accountable to their own goals. A good business coach lends perspective and new ideas. A business coach helps people see what they could not see before.

Does a CEO need a boss? No.  Should a CEO have a coach? Definitely. We all need someone to help with our ideas, fears and to lend perspective. We all need someone to hold us accountable. Remember, just because someone holds us accountable, does not make them our boss.

Next Level Operations believes deeply in accountability and coaching. (We’ve got a coach, too!) Don’t be the roadblock to your own company’s success.  Next Level can help you get the coaching and accountability you need. Let’s get started.