Differentiation and Dead Chickens

“If you can differentiate a dead chicken, you can differentiate anything.” – Frank Perdue Before Perdue, there was no recognizable “chicken brand”, and no differentiation between chicken sources. If you wanted chicken, you would get whatever your local farmer, butcher or grocery store had available for sale. If the chicken was any good, it was Read more about Differentiation and Dead Chickens[…]

Reducing overhead: Virtual Assistants

Your hard work is paying off and customers like what you have to offer. More and more business is coming your way. To say you’re busy is an understatement. Client meetings, job proposals, handling production…not to mention the bookkeeping, invoicing, marketing and scheduling that is taking up more and more of your time. It’s not Read more about Reducing overhead: Virtual Assistants[…]

I fired a client, a tale of time management

“I will never catch up, not until I’m dead”. – former employer of mine. “Time is your total capital, and the minutes of your life are painfully few”- Robert A. Heinlein Today will be our last meeting. Last week, I fired a client. Later, discussing my decision with a friend and trusted adviser, she asked Read more about I fired a client, a tale of time management[…]

Why fix it if it’s not broken?

Marco is a salesman. He makes $60,000 a year. Marco has been working the same territory for almost 15 years and consistently brings in about $1M in gross revenue annually.  By the numbers, he’s a solid player, but never in the top 10 in his company. Marco’s company is happy. Marco is happy. All good, Read more about Why fix it if it’s not broken?[…]

So much to do, so little time.

Does everybody need a boss?

Most CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners are the ultimate authority within their organizations. Why shouldn’t they be? It’s their drive, vision and hard work that created the organization. Further, no-one needs to motivate the business owner to work harder. What could be more Darwinian than the competition to create a successful business? If the business Read more about Does everybody need a boss?[…]