February 3, 2015

Business Coaching

What we do: Hands on business coaching and operations consulting.  Creating a strategic plan. Training management and staff. Holding people accountable. Making sure the “product” is delivered on time and as promised. Keeping costs down. Hiring employees. Training employees. Firing employees. Keeping the books straight so we know if there’s going to be any money left over at the end of the year. Complying with laws and regulations so the state doesn’t kick in the door and take all your money.  Getting the computers to work right. Putting a marketing plan in motion that will help grow the business.

I’m not trying to sell you a book. I don’t belong to a coaching organization that requires me to only teach one method. If you succeed, you refer me….THAT’s what motivates me.

How we do it: A couple of different ways. Systems are systems and we know most of them. We bring the systems to your company and give them to you. Regular coaching sessions in person and over the phone. If you have the right employees in place, we train them and get them up to speed. It’s cheaper for you that way. Otherwise, we can do it for you. Maybe it’s a short term project of a couple of hours to a couple of days. Maybe it’s a long term project.  Maybe it’s a regular schedule where we come to you once a month to help close out the books or oversee a physical inventory. The solution we provide must fit the issue at hand and the budget you can afford.

Services List:

  • Strategic Planning: Most companies fail without a plan and a clear long term strategy. Next Level can help structure your strategic planning sessions to actually work.
  • Bookkeeping and Financials: If you don’t know your company’s numbers, you don’t know your company. Next Level can perform an analysis of your bookkeeping and financial management and set-up reporting systems so you have a real understanding of where your company stands.
  • Sales and Business Development Training:  Is your sales team managing their time effectively? Are the highest dollar volume/highest profitability jobs the focus of your business development activities? Coaching for individual salespeople and entire teams. Creating Lead Generation & sales compensation systems that work. Next Level Operations knows how to maximize any sales organization.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Time to expand into a new market? Next Level can plan and implement your marketing strategy with your employees or with an outside specialist. Need to find the right branding, the right advertising vehicle or the perfect Adwords specialist? We work with the best.
  • Customer Service and Support: Are your customers happy? Are your employees accountable to clear goals that support you and your company’s mission? Next Level can show you how to find out what your customers really think about your company AND get your employees acting like owners.
  • Hiring and Firing: All business owners can agree on how difficult employees can be. Hiring is hard and Next Level can show you how to filter your available pool of candidates to get the best of the best working for you. Next Level can show you how to identify the personnel roadblocks in your organization and make a plan to move them up or out.
  • Production and Field Operations: If sales can set them up, production better be ready to knock them down. Capacity is great, but is it efficient? Is it effective? Is it leaving your customer happy enough to refer your company to someone else?  Next Level can optimize your production team and processes until they are efficient, scalable and impressive to even your most discerning customers
  • Everything else: Legal, IT, Compliance, HR, Budgeting, etc. There are lots of things that have to work together to make your company successful.  Next Level can help you make that happen.