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Coaching & Training

One on one leadership coaching, strategic coaching, goal setting, accountability. Team sales & marketing training. Customer Service and operations training.

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Specialty Recruiting

Getting the right people into the right seats is critical. We recruit for any position and focus on core value fit, skill set and attitude. We filter out the knuckleheads and crazies.

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Special Projects

You focus on your core business while we take care of the software migration, web site development, employee training, inventory, audit or other important short term project.

Go to Bookkeeping & Budgets

Bookkeeping & Budgets

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or as needed. We help get your numbers in order so you can make better decisions and be ready for your accountant at tax time.

What makes a good coach?

A good coach does not become a permanent fixture.

A good coach asks the right questions and listens to the answers. Well formulated plans are created. Specific benchmark goals are established with clear metrics. Accountability and a good meeting rhythm are the coaches best tools.

There are thousands and thousands of solutions and strategies used by many companies the world over. The holistic coach brings unique solutions to apply to specific challenges faced by unique clients. A coach with only a hammer will only see every problem as a nail.

The best coaches invariably put themselves out of a job. It should not work any other way.

Our (small, formidable) Team

Eric Green

With 25 years of experience in troubleshooting operational, marketing, systems, HR, financial and company existential issues, Eric is owner, coach and recruiting subject matter expert.

Betsy Fox

An exceptional eye for detail and great research skills allow Betsy to weed through the thousands of applicants for our available positions. Betsy is co-creator of NLO’s current applicant filtering system.

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